Dear patients,

    If you have symptoms of a cold, flu or SARS Covid-19 infection or should you be in any doubt, we encourage you to make appointments for video or telephone consultations. Please refer to the information on the website (menu item “The Practice” “Video Consultation Hour”) or contact the management staff by telephone.

    Please stay healthy.


    Professor Frank-Gerald B. Pajonk, M.D.

    Wir können uns nicht aussuchen, wie wir sterben - oder wann. Aber wir können entscheiden, wie wir jetzt leben.
    Joan Baez
    Vertrauen Sie denen, die nach der Wahrheit suchen, und misstrauen Sie denen, die sie gefunden haben.
    André Gide
    Erst wenn man die Kraft zum Widerstand hat, wird Nichtwiderstreben zur Tugend.
    Swâmi Vivekânanda
    Wer sich selbst nichts gönnt, wem kann er Gutes tun?
    Jesus Sirach 14,5
    Sich füreinander zu erwärmen, ist eine überaus menschenfreundliche Energie.
    Ernst Ferstl
    Wohl erprobt sich die Liebe in der Treue, aber sie vollendet sich erst in der Vergebung.
    Werner Bergengruen


    Welcome to Praxis Isartal, a practice specialized in mental health disorders, psychotherapy, and psychosomatic medicine. My team and I provide you a full spectrum of medical, psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, and psychosomatic diagnostic work-up and treatments at the highest level. We support you in choosing from an array of treatments beyond traditional Western medicine.
    Should a more comprehensive treatment be necessary, you benefit from our network of highly competent specialists, with whom we can quickly connect you and schedule appointments.

    Furthermore we offer support and preventive counseling to maintain your mental health. We take care of body, soul and mind.

    We recognize your desire for individual, prompt, personal, and attentive care in an exclusive and discrete environment, and will accommodate you with friendliness and flexibility. We speak English, French and Italian.

    You will find additional information about our services, therapies and our treatment philosophy on this website.

    All the best!


    Frank-Gerald B. Pajonk, M.D.
    Professor of Psychiatry